Things I’ve learned so far…

A list of lessons learned, updated whenever they hit.

  • Indian movies often have very little plot during the first and last five minutes. This is because many Indian movie-goers arrive late, and most start leaving the theater a few minutes before the credits. This fact was confirmed in the last few chapters of Maximum
    City, a captivating book about modern Bombay.
  • At the movie theater they play a rousing but melodramatic salute to the King, showcasing his good deeds, scholarship, musical prowess and beautiful landscapes he watches over. [Thailand]
  • While caucasians come to tropical places to tan, locals put whitening chemicals in most skin products [Thailand, Cambodia].
  • Just because a Thai person is wearing a yellow uniform-like top, it doesn’t mean they work there. There is a sort of national uniform top people wear by default. [Thailand]
  • Thais over-sweeten everything, even when you ask for no sugar [Thailand]
  • America is sorely lacking street food, especially at night [Thailand, Vietnam]
  • Buckets are fun, but evil [Thailand]
  • Dogs in restaurants are a good thing (file under the US has too many rules) [Thailand]
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate [Thailand]
  • Check found coconuts for dirt, insects, etc. before cracking open and drinking [Hawai’i]
  • Shoes are overrated [Thailand]
  • Bring water on overnight trains, since they sell out and all that is left is beer and cola [Thailand]