In prepping work for display and sale, I tried various papers to use with my printer. This was a really tough process. For one, I’d never done this before; so, picking a print size, mats, frames, etc., were each a daunting task. But really, choosing the paper was the hardest.

I went into my local photo shop half a dozen times to look at paper samples and pick up sample packs, literally spending thirty minutes at a time deliberating over which one to try next. I almost went with Moab Lasal Photo Luster, which had a nice, muted quality that complemented my work. Plus, I’m a sucker for Moab’s packaging.

However, I ultimately went with Hahnemühle Satin Photo Rag. Although this is a luster paper, the profiles for my printer require matte black ink. The biggest drawback to this otherwise awesome printer is that you commit to either glossy or matte blacks. If you decide to change paper types, you have to swap cartridges, which means lots of wasted ink, and lots of wasted money. So, committing to the Hahnemühle was more than a quick decision.

The results were lovely. The paper really is matte, with the slightest eggshell shine when viewed at the right angle. At first, I thought this would detract from the prints, but it really makes colors stand out, and India is full of color, even in my undersaturated style. The only trouble I had was with some chunky black transitions (gloss differential) in a couple of photos. In the end, upping the contrast and minor experimentation was all it took to make them look good.

AKB and I stumbled upon evening services at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Connception in Pondicherry, India. Between the dusk sky, the contrasting warm and cool lights inside and out, and all the colors present between churchgoers’ saris and statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, it was replete with beautiful scenes. We spent a long time viewing and photographing the grounds. One resulting image has become one of my all-time favorites. I grinned like a little kid when it printed beautifully – it really benefited from the delicate qualities of the paper.

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Pondicherry, India

I’m still mastering this whole printing thing. This year I invested in a screen calibrator (Spyder 3 Pro), not to mention a good deal of time and money towards experimentation. I’m happy to say that I’m loving the results; now I just need to find more wall space to hang them on!

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