i’m well behind…

In case anyone is actually reading this, apologies for my tardiness in updating this travelblog.

I’m back in the States already, and a great deal behind on my photos and posts.

Soon to come:
– hiking and rice wine in Sapa
– tourist caves, gorgeous sunsets and jumping-off-boat-daredevilry in Halong Bay
– another few hot, humid and irritating days in Hanoi
– long, long trip to europe
– film festival revelry, family crises, capital appreciation and unspeakable debauchery in Poland

I promise to post as soon as possible. I process the pictures first, so if you’re impatient, whet your appetites at http://www.flickr.com/photos/igz/


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  1. barni Says:

    IGZ! welcome back! i want to talk to you about a party sunday evening- i think you would really like it. i will call you this weekend- i hope your number is the same. can’t wait to hear of your adventures. -barni

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