Hawai’i: reunion and wedding

The thing about admissions and housing offices at my school is that they are good. Real good. Case and point: I am in Hawai’i with almost a dozen kids I met freshman year. Not only have we kept in touch, many of us still live in the same towns. Hell – my current flatmate in SF lived a couple of doors down from me back then.

Even though some of us see each other often, most of us only regroup at weddings, every couple of years. So, here we are in Maui, privileged not only to have landed in such a beautiful place, but to share a really special moment in cjc’s life.

The wedding took place at the Four Seasons resort, and was one of the fanciest I’ve ever been to. An outdoor ceremony, it overlooked the ocean. Totally idyllic. In fact, rumor is that when the bride and groom were exchanging vows whales were breaching in the distance.

Now, i’m generally not one who believes in the weighty tradition of marriage, and often roll my eyes at the religious pomp that generally comes with it. I did have a wonderful time, however. After all, there are moments to put cynicism aside and enjoy yourself, especially when surrounded by warm people and emotions.

I guess when it comes down to it, I like to see people happy, especially old friends.

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