So, travelling is about disconnecting – to a degree. Despite my best-fought denials, I am still a gadget-head – though not like I used to be.

I decided long ago not to take a laptop. That would be stupid on so many levels.

But I will be taking photos.. hopefully lots of photos. I will also be checking email, doing online banking as necessary, updating this new-fangled blog, etc. etc.

As such, my shopping basket has included some nifty items as of late:

  • Epson P-2000 photo thingie. 40GB of storage, huge, crisp screen, drool-worthy despite its slowness and black-box linuxness. $160 refurbished on EBay. nice!
  • Verbatim 2GB thumbdrive. $30. high five!
    On it will live:
    • Portable version of Firefox – this way I can have all of my bookmarks with me and not worry about having to type in passwords in insecure places. Free.
    • Portable version of Thunderbird. I like the GMail goodness and all, but i don’t use it. So, this is the next best thing (though I expect it to load slowly.). Free.
    • Gaim Portable.. you know, just in case i need to chat with people a jillion time zones away, and Gimp Portable which i may one day learn to use.. it’s sloooooow, though.
  • I’m thinking of picking up a Solio as well..
  • The list goes on…

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